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Axis Conference 2023

We would love the opportunity to host the students of your youth group and your Youth Pastor/Leaders at the 2023 Axis Conference. This year's conference will take place June 26-29, 2023. During the conference, there will also be tailored leadership development sessions for Youth Pastors led by Pastors John Siebeling and Parker VanBlaricom.

The Axis Conference began in 2009 at The Life Church in Memphis, TN. Birthed out of a dream and desire of Senior Pastors, John and Leslie Siebeling, the goal of the conference was to help young people grow in their faith, life and leadership. What started as a gathering of a couple hundred teenagers has grown into a significant movement of teenagers and churches from around the United States.

Each June, almost 2000 6th-12th graders gather for four nights and three days of powerful worship, life-changing encounters with God, intense tribal war team competitions, impactful messages from dynamic communicators, practical breakout sessions and a whole lot of fun. In addition to all this, the final day of the conference features a big "Serve Day" throughout the city of Memphis. After being poured into for three days, students are sent out to various serve sites to make an impact on others. We believe wholeheartedly that God desires to use young people to lead in life and build His Church and that belief is threaded throughout the conference each year.

The word Axis means “a point on which something centers on or revolves around.” The goal of the Axis Student Conference is to inspire young people to put Jesus and His Church at the center of their world while equipping them to make a difference wherever they go. Every year, we hear stories of tremendous life change and truly believe the full impact of these weeks won’t be felt until eternity.

The Life Church
650 Houston Hill Road
Eads, TN 3802

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